Final Report

We are pleased to announce that the final report for iSTEP 2009 is now available. We thank our partners, advisors, and the entire iSTEP 2009 team for their contributions to making the inaugural iSTEP a success.


Welcome to the iSTEP 2009 homepage! iSTEP is a new program of TechBridgeWorld, a research group based in the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, United States. iSTEP, short for innovative Student Technology ExPerience, is in its inaugural year. The iSTEP team members, composed of current Carnegie Mellon students and alumni, are working in a multidisciplinary globally-distributed team over the summer of 2009 to research community needs and create relevant and accessible technological solutions for three communities in Tanzania. During this summer’s work we are collaborating with our Tanzanian partner, the University Computing Centre, based at the University of Dar es Salaam.

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Today is the official last day of the iSTEP internship. While the team in Tanzania won’t be hitting home soil until Tuesday, our formal involvement in the projects ends when we pack it up today.

It’s been a fun 10 weeks, a hard 10 weeks, an exhausting 10 weeks, but it certainly hasn’t felt like 10 weeks. The iSTEP team has braved monkeys, lions, snakes, mosquitoes, tornadoes, and hair cuts. We surprised no one more than ourselves in the progress [...]


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